A Bridge

For me, purple is not just my favorite color, it is a color that signifies the forging of a rational and thoughtful path to help the willing rise above the rampant pettiness dividing us, categorizing us, and manipulating us into reds and blues.  The intent of this site is to encourage dialogue that might lead to understanding which could end in compromise. Naive of me?  Probably.  On to something?  Maybe.

It seems we might need to learn to crawl again before we can walk.  We have forgotten how to have conversations with one another.  We have thrown humble learning out the window and replaced it with bad-mannered impudence toward anything that challenges our beliefs.  We no longer seek the truth or compromise; we instead work tirelessly to insulate our fragile egos from being proven wrong.   We live in a world full of inflammatory headlines, irresponsible writing, disrespectful memes, and a maelstrom of information too colossal to sort through before our emotions undermine our better senses and send us into a liking and sharing frenzy.  All of us, across the entire spectrum of blue and red are guilty to some degree – and it’s not leading to anything good.

It is time to bridge the dark chasm beneath us.  We can’t look back and we can’t look down.  One rickety step at a time, we must forge ahead with respect for the tenuousness under foot as well as the potential of a bright future on the other side because, like it or not, we are in this together.

I am a patriot.  Not just in a flag waiving, pledge saying, anthem standing, symbolic way – but in the “ask what you can do for your country” kind of way, because symbolism only goes so far.  I am proud of our roots and I am worried about our future.  I don’t want to see our greatness as a people and as a country wane because of our own stubborn unwillingness to compromise.  We are evolving, and patriotism must evolve with us to remain relevant.  That’s why I’m here.  For a little more information about this patriot – check out the “About” page on the site menu.  I guess it comes down to whether you are willing to sacrifice the truth to feel good, or sacrifice feeling good for the truth; for me it has been and will always be the latter.  Who’s with me?


p.s.     I welcome thoughtful and respectful questions and comments.  I also encourage you to check yourself before you wreck yourself.  On my site menu, there is a helpful link to understand logical fallacies – which are killing reason one unchecked opinion at a time.  If you haven’t checked yourself, someone else might – so this is fair warning!

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