Logical Fallacies Check!

Logical fallacies are basically just explanations for why we sometimes have flawed reasoning that render our arguments incorrect.   It doesn’t mean that our positions are necessarily incorrect; we just need to work harder to defend them.  Sometimes used maliciously and sometimes used accidentally, they trick us into thinking we are right because they are appealing and persuasive!

Here’s the great news – logical fallacies are a preexisting condition!   You can rest easily knowing that neither Donald Trump nor Barack Obama worked to concoct this concept with their respective forces of evil; the list was originally developed by Aristotle a couple of thousand years before the good ole US of A was around – so it is officially okay to think about them and check your opinions against them without being a traitor to your political party or your country – whew!!

Check out this awesome and easy to use website for the most common logical fallacies and examples of how those little tricksters get us here.