While everyone is busy doubling down on drastic and sometimes irrational opinions, you’ll usually find me defending both sides.  I have been blessed and cursed by an intense need to understand, to find the truths, and to find ways to show others that purple isn’t just a pretty color, it’s a nice place to be politically.

The pursuit of knowledge has been a big and important part of my life. What I’ve found is that I’m no smarter than the average bear, but I am arguably more curious. This particular condition makes me a sponge for information – and this blog is my first attempt at wringing it out to make room for more.

With deep respect for two people who embody opposite sides of the political spectrum in my family, I was exposed to a lot of information at a very early age.  Scrutinizing every fact that was presented to me became a way of life – what I learned was that most of the time and to varying degrees, they were both right. It’s a concept I hope to resurrect from the dead with the help of reason.